Our Services

Many factors will make your car wash project a profitable investment. Entretien de Lave-Auto Laval has the experience, the tools and personnel to help you navigate through all phases of your project.

1. Business & roi plan analysis
There are many car-wash designs available - Touch free, Hybrid, with brushes, self-serve and hand-wash. Each of these projects requires it's own investment and a offers a different return on investment. We are here to help you analyze these different processes and costs for each of these concepts to determine with you which is the best solution for your situation.
2. Site Selection
The first and most important step of a car-wash construction project is the selection of your site. Finding the right spot will give you better chances of success. Finding the wrong one can make you loose your investment. Having an experienced consultant that can work with you to analyze your site and offer you his knowledge will help you to start your project the right way. Do not hesitate to communicate with us and it will be our pleasure to assist you in selecting your site !
3. Analysis tools, revenue projections and construction planification
By trusting our consultants who are part of the most noted in Quebec, this will allow you to be completely ready for your project.

Nothing is impossible with Entretien de Lave-Auto Laval, we are flexible and always at the fine point of technology.